Empirically-based psychedelic-assisted therapeutic programs, including preparation, psychedelic journeys & integration.

What to Expect from Our Psychedelic-assisted Program

Retreat Highlights


Intention setting, building a relationship of trust & mapping your unique journey


From nature walks & game drives in South Africa, to walks on the beach, tennis, water activities & spa treatments in Jamaica


Immerse in a community of like-minded individuals & broaden your network of support


A 4-6 hour therapeutic journey* facilitated by our expert therapists, where you achieve emotional release, gain deep insight and find greater joy, peace and gratitude

*Our upcoming Jamaican retreat journeys are facilitated using psilocybin. Substances used depend on their legality in a given region.


In-depth discussions of personality formation, trauma, emotions, emotional regulation, behavioural change, habit formation & the promise & limits of psychedelic medicines


A healthy & delicious menu designed by an executive chef to improve the psychedelic experience. Personal dietary requirements are also considered


The construction and reconstruction of a life story from past, to present, to future, improving self-understanding & living a life of intention


Daily mindfulness practices to improve your ability to navigate the psychedelic experience & everyday life


An introduction to tummo breathing and cold exposure to glimpse mastery of body and mind

Upcoming Retreats

Retreat Locations

Tropical Beach


Our Flagship Psychedelic Retreat boasts a comprehensive therapeutic program, bolstered by pre-arrival preparation sessions and a six-month post-retreat integration program - the first and only of its kind in the world. A combination of cognitive-behavioural therapy, personology, traumatology and neuroscience underpin this specialized program that is both intellectual and experiential, and optimises your individual healing journey. Experience deep healing in a luxurious setting with world-class hospitality and unparalleled therapeutic guidance.


Our world class hospitality and industry leading therapists are what set us apart.

This carefully curated experience is housed in luxury accommodation with a 24-hour staff compliment ready to make you feel welcome and cared-for. A private beach and meals prepared by a private chef are just some of the amenities you can enjoy when you're not engaged in therapy, workshops, or yoga under the trees.

The Jamaican experience aims to combine the best of hospitality with first-class therapy to provide the journey of a lifetime.


Inclusive of the full 6-month Equanimity program & a Single Private Room

US$7 995*

US$5 995*

Inclusive of the full 6-month Equanimity program, per person sharing

Rates inclusive of the full Equanimity program; excluding flights


South Africa

Equanimity’s Grassroots Psychedelic Retreat incorporates the same science-backed, world-class program of our Flagship Retreat, while utilizing psychedelic interventions aligned with the legal landscape of the country. We welcome guests into the beauty of a rustic nature reserve in Mpumalanga, SA, where nature walks, game drives and breathtaking sunsets complement the carefully curated therapeutic itinerary. 

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Our local retreat is located in a private game farm in scenic Mpumalanga. This farm, teeming with wildlife and brimming with rich and diverse plant species, offers a quiet and beautiful milieu for therapeutic change. Therapy sessions in the bush, yoga on mountaintops, river walks and game drives are just some of the activities included in the program. 


The South African experience offers the same therapeutic program as our Jamaican Flagship Retreat, but favours simplicity and nature over the luxury of its international counterpart, and incorporates plant medicine aligned with the country's current legal landscape.


Price Upon Request


Equanimity Wellness Centre

Based in the heart of Sandton, JHB, Equanimity Wellness offers a 100% legal way to explore expanded states of consciousness in a modern, comfortable, professionally supervised setting. In addition to Ketamine-assisted therapy, we offer Cold Exposure, Yoga, & Mindfulness Meditation.

Our Centre's Ketamine infusions form part of a holistic program, including:

  • Physical health screening with a medical doctor. 

  • Psychological health screening, preparation & intention setting with a therapist.

  • Infusion packages to suit individual health needs, desired outcomes & budget; administered & monitored by our expert clinical team.

  • Integration therapy after every infusion.