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Our mission is to accelerate the elimination of unnecessary suffering by scaling the delivery of the most effective wellness methodologies known to science.

Benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy

Psychedelics are effective for the treatment of a wide range of psychological vulnerabilities, although one does not have to experience a particular psychological condition to gain benefit from psychedelic-assisted therapy. Psychedelics facilitate deeper understanding of one’s internal world, bringing about significant shifts in perspective, mood, and insight. Psychotherapy serves to help translate these insights into behaviours, routines, habits and relationship strategies so that deeper fulfillment can be actualized.


Some of the most common conditions & areas for personal improvement treated using psychedelic-assisted therapy include:
Treatment of Addiction

Both behavioural and substance-related

Recovery from Depression

Including Complex Grief and burnout

Relationship conflict & family trauma

Romantic, marital or inter-generational

Regulating anxiety

(particularly generalised and social anxiety, existential worry  & anxiety about life threatening illnesses)

Management of obsessive-compulsive disorder


Recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Improved self-awareness
Improved emotional intelligence
Deeper gratitude

We’re addressing our mission through world-class psychedelic-assisted therapeutic interventions.

Although true freedom comes from within, our external lives are a reflection of our internal worlds. The self-help and mental health industries - even when done with good intentions - are filled with insincere 'snake-oil salesmen'. 


We are interested in results. To offer our clients the results they seek, our clinicians need to SHOW US, not through words but through their professional and personal lives, that they are able to get results for themselves, too. To change the world, we first need to change ourselves. Only then can we have the audacity to try to change others.


Equanimity solves for:


Our hospitality is designed to optimize the setting for a successful psychedelic experience, including a menu tailored to both the individual and the psychedelic journey.


Combining cutting-edge psychedelic-assisted psychotherapeutic practices with other empirically verified methodologies.


We find the best clinicians and guides to develop and administer our program.


We partner with best in class entrepreneurs and investors to deliver both great care AND great experiences.

Equanimity is a wellness company that offers a scientific alternative to shamanic models of psychedelic therapy.

That is to say, while psychedelics are typically used within more spiritual practices, Equanimity aims to use these profoundly healing plants and manage your experience using explanatory models of human experience grounded in psychology and neuroscience. In this way, we hope to offer the best of both worlds.

Meet Equanimity's Founders

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Anthony Townsend

Clinical Psychologist

Anthony is a Clinical Psychologist and an accredited Neuropsychologist in private practice in Sandton, Johannesburg, and has been in practice for 10 years.

He holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (summa cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand and is currently completing his PhD through UNISA. Anthony has attended the 10th and 11th Annual Neurology Courses at Oxford University hosted by the Nuffield Department of Neuroscience and holds numerous academic honours, including the prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Academic Excellence as one of the top graduates from the University of Pretoria in 2010 and a place as a finalist for the 2011 Rhodes Scholarship. In 2016, he was nominated among Barclay's 100 Brightest Young Minds in South Africa.

Anthony Townsend
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James Stein


James is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Equanimity. He has spent his life learning about and experimenting with every wellness methodology under the sun and can attest that nothing comes close to the efficacy of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in accelerating deep healing and equanimity. James has witnessed psilocybin-assisted therapy cure a close friend’s decade-long struggle with Anorexia, a psychiatric disorder with the highest mortality rate. "I can think of no better way to spend my time than helping to build out the infrastructure necessary to scale and deliver these medicines to people who need them most. Equanimity lies at the intersection of my two great passions, business building and psychology. I am extremely grateful to lead a mission-driven company while doing what I love most."

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Brad Kallenbach

Clinical Psychologist

Brad is a Clinical Psychologist who runs a busy private practice in Hyde Park, central Johannesburg. He holds Masters Degrees in English Literature (summa cum laude) and Clinical Psychology (summa cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand, and has been the recipient of numerous academic awards, including the prestigious ‘Best Psychology Student’ award in 2008.

Brad has worked in psychiatric units across the Johannesburg region, including Tara Psychiatric Hospital and the Adult Acute Psychiatric Ward at Charlotte Maxeke, gaining extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, children, couples and groups from all cultural backgrounds, across a wide spectrum of diagnoses.

Meet Equanimity’s Advisory & Operations Team

Brad Kallenbach
Janine Townsend

Director of Operations

Adam Pantanowitz


Alex Ovchar


Our world class hospitality and industry leading therapists are what set us apart.

Tropical Island


Our Flagship Psilocybin Retreat

Our flagship retreat boasts a comprehensive therapeutic program, bolstered by pre-arrival preparation sessions, and 6-months post-retreat integration - the first and only of its kind. A combination of cognitive-behavioural therapy, personology, traumatology and neuroscience underpin this specialized program that is both intellectual and experiential, and optimises your individual healing journey in a luxurious setting. 


Our Grassroots Psychedelic Retreat

Our South African retreat (launching soon to international guests) offers the same comprehensive therapeutic program, combining CBT, personology, traumatology & neuroscience, and utilizing psychedelic interventions aligned with the legal landscape of the country. We welcome you to a private game farm in the beautiful, lush Mpumalanga; a region which boasts rich vegetation, a blend of game and wildlife, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, multiple hiking trails & gorgeous views. 

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